Betrayal | A Silent Film​

This is a project I made in 2019, based off a short script, that I had written in the past. This was inspired by a conversation from my girlfriend, who once said "Eating chinese food without me is like cheating on me. No, it's worse." I shot, edited, and directed this film. 

CU Away
CU Away (Short Video and Long Video click arrow to see Second Video.)

These are two videos I made as a project, for a media class taken in Washington D.C. Myself and some of the people in the video, spent 11 days learning about Journalism at the heart of the professsion. Both videos encapsulate a majority of the experiences that we had. 

Sports-Related Projects
Sports Projects

Here are some projects related to sports I have produced. These projects include a highlight film, and a short video documenting a player's return from injury.